Our U/8 soccer team focuses on team work, friendship, discipline and hard work. Practices are twice a week and we usually have recreational games on Saturdays.


Our Basketball team is a hard working and very competitive side, we are the current Millennium BIM Mini Basket Champions Basketball is both fun and exciting.


Our swimming lessons take place in the first term. This sport is optional but recommended and a small fee is charged to cover the cost of the pool and transport. We have a professional swimming instructor as well as two assistant. Lessons are twice a week.


All students are welcome to do athletics, we focus on track and field. Students learn running techniques and develop stamina and resistance.


As a Christian School we focus on giving back to the community. Given our recent natural disasters we came together with the students, teachers, parents and made a support group in which we donated food, clothing and much more.


Our rope skipping group consists of all students willing to participate and one coach. This sport is optional but is very good for the co-ordination and it improves the gross motor development.


This is the opportunity for students to present in different art forms which can be singing, dancing, and poetry. Certificates and Diplomas are given to the top performers. Students stand a chance to be invited to the National Eistedfodd Award ceremony in Nelspruit


Our fun days are usually at the last day of the term or any special day like Children Day or Africa Day. We use these days as a treat and to bring the children closer together. The teachers usually plan the activities and always ending with a class bring and share.